Student Assembly on Islamophobia

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Last week, a group of Year 9 students took the initiative to offer their year group an assembly on the topic if Islamophobia. Their presentation looked at understanding Islam and Islamophobia, common misconceptions, and the discrimination that Muslims can experience. They also discussed celebrities that others might not know are Muslim, such as Mike Tyson, Sadio Mané, and DJ Khaled.

"Our students worked real hard together to produce a presentation that was interesting and informative about a really important topic, and their peers in Year 9 responded positively. We actively encourage our students to use their voices to highlight areas that they feel the school community would benefit from, and we give them every opportunity to share their views. Well done to all three students." -Mr Swingler, Head of Learning (Year 9)

Headteacher, Peter Gillett, recognised the students for their effort, meeting them in person to present them each with an Amazon gift voucher as a reward, as well as 50 House Points.