Student Robotics Competition

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Over the last four months, we have transformed a drawing on a mind map into a fully functional, autonomous robot. In order to achieve this, we had to bring together all of the different skills of the members in our group. From the essential knowledge of engineering and coding, to learning how to 3D print our own models, everyone had their part to play in bringing our robot to life.

While we faced many challenges throughout the construction of the robot, including faulty wires and occasional endless spinning, we were able to overcome them all by thinking outside of the box, using our initiative to find new solutions, and improving on our design time and time again.

This journey has taught us a lot about essential skills such as teamwork, communication, and perseverance, and we hope that this will inspire the aspiring engineers, coders, and leaders at Hertswood to build on the groundwork we have laid in the years to come.

The culmination of these months of work and dedication will be this Sunday at the competition finals at Southampton University, where our robot will be put to the test.

by Zac (Year 12)