A Chromebook for Every Student

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In the first week of this academic year we are proud to have completed our roll-out of student Chromebooks, one-to-one, for every year group! We hope this will allow every student in the school to engage with our curriculum more easily, by taking advantage of our online offerings and by making sure they are always equipped for independent learning.

Our Year 7 students received their devices at the start of the week and have been particularly enthusiastic. See some of their thoughts below.

'Doing work is a lot faster on a Chromebook than on paper and I feel more productive.'William (Year 7)

'I really like my Chromebook because it lets me check my homework really quickly, using Go4Schools or Google Classroom. I feel good using less paper because I know forests aren't being cut down so that I can work.'Preston (Year 7)

'I really enjoyed using my Chromebook to make a presentation about my House, Cavendish, and I was able to share it straight away to the teacher.'Christabel (Year 7)

'My favourite class to use my Chromebook in is Maths. It's better than working on paper because it can check my answers straight away.'Efe (Year 7)