Visiting CERN

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At the end of last term, a group of Year 12 students visited Geneva, Switzerland, to learn about the latest STEM research being undertaken at CERN (The European Organisation for Nuclear Research). Students received a guided tour of the CERN facilities, gaining an insight into the cutting edge research that has been undertaken by physicists and engineers since it opened it September 1954. 

The group were able to see in-person two of the four key accelerators developed by CERN, as well as the crucial main control centre. They were fascinated by the work being undertaken, where the enormous accelerators propel charged particles (protons or electrons) at high speeds, close to the speed of light. Students were inspired by the important role that the institution plays, with some of them expressing interest in working at CERN one day.

Students also had an opportunity to explore the city, challenge one another to a few games of bowling, before ending the three day trip with a cruise along Lake Geneva, taking in the spectacular views.