Army Careers Visit

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Last week we were pleased to receive a visit from the British Army, for a discussion about career opportunities in the army, as well as a great set of team building activities for the students.

Through assemblies, Years 9 and 10 both had the opportunity to learn more about the different routes into army jobs, such as through a University degree, as well as the qualifications they require. The speakers also discussed the benefits of an army career, with varied skills to learn, and openly answered the students' questions.

After their assembly, one hundred Year 9 students, selected for their effort by their Head of Learning, split into groups and took on a variety of army-led team building activities. These were physical challenges, but involved a lot of coordination, logic, and problem-solving from the students.

The students' behaviour through the activities was excellent. They were all keen to take part and showed a lot of enthusiasm for succeeding as teams. Corporal Bond remarked 'It's nice to be in a school where the students really want to get involved.'