Dissection with Year 6

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Last week the Biology team were pleased to welcome a group of Year 6 students from Parkside Community Primary School. In the Autumn Term, the students have been learning about the structure of the heart, and we were delighted to share our lab facilities with them so they can experience a full, safe, and hands-on lesson on dissection.

After a demonstration, learning the rules of a safe lab, and getting themselves equipped, the students started work on lamb hearts. With the support of A Level Biology students and some familiar-faced Year 7 Parkside alumni, they worked to identify the four chambers of the heart which ties into the theory they already learnt.

"The Parkside students were fantastic -- really independent and knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with. Our Sixth Form biologists also did a great job of answering the students' questions and guiding effective dissection. It is always a delight to have the opportunity to partner with local primary schools." -Miss Elvins, Teacher of Biology and Head of Year 7.