New Scientist Live

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On Monday 9th October, a group of forty Year 9 students visited ExCel London for 'New Scientist Live 2023', a festival of ideas and discoveries. The gigantic show floor contained stands showing the latest research and technology, and interactive experiences.

This year's event showcased modern technology, exploring agriculture at the 'farm of the future', and new inventions to support the NHS in hospitals such as vein scanners and micro-robotics.

A highlight of the day was Chloe (Year 9) getting to speak directly to the International Space Station! Chloe joined students at many school in submitting a question to the event organisers before the day, and was  very proud to be selected to ask her question to Andreas Mogensen, a Danish engineer and European Space Agency astronaut, and the first Dane to fly in space as part of the ESA's iriss program.

After Andreas spoke about life on board the ISS, Chloe asked him what has been the strangest thing he has observed in his time on the station so far. His answer was that he enjoys relaxing at a window in his free time looking down at the planet, and while doing so he has seen a special type of lightning called 'blue jets', which are gigantic lightning strikes that shoot up from thunderclouds towards space rather than down towards the ground. He has also enjoyed seeing shooting stars below him.

The students conducted themselves incredibly well during the eventful day, and came away with a lot of excitement for what the future will bring!