Open Evening 2023

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Our thanks to the many families who took the opportunity to visit Hertswood Academy during our Open Evening yesterday, and to all of the students and staff who worked hard to make the evening such a success.

Please enjoy some pictures of our students and staff during the event, and some short excerpts from our student talks.

"Seven years ago I was in your shoes -- deciding which school to go to was a tough and daunting experience. The staff at Hertswood made my experience so easy and straightforward, which made me feel very welcome." -Daniel (Year 13)

"I love the community that Hertswood has. There are more clubs than you can dream of, and the four Houses make you feel like you are part of a bigger team. However, what I love most is the dedication of everyone, from teachers to students." -Emily (Year 13)

"I cried for a day when I left Cowley Hill, because I had made such wonderful friends, but very quickly I was really excited for the next step. The challenges have been greater at secondary school, but I have certainly enjoyed the opportunities I have had so far in my first year." -Zoe (Year 8)

"I have had a great first year at Hertswood, and I cannot wait to se what new challenges and experiences Year 8 will bring." -Joe (Year 8)