Celebrating GCSE Success

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We are delighted to celebrate the success of our Year 11 students. Students have worked exceptionally hard and, despite challenging circumstances, have produced an excellent set of results including:

  • 60%+ 9-4 in Maths, English and Science
  • 100% 9-4 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics 
  • 70%+ in Art and Psychology 

Our top 5 students (below) achieved 46 grades 9-7 between them.

  • Sebastian Szyperski -- 12 GCSEs (or equivalent) including 6 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s
  • Amy Humberstone -- 11 GCSEs (or equivalent) including 5 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s
  • Aryan Houshmand -- 12 GCSEs (or equivalent) including 4 grade 9s and 6 grade 8s
  • Quinda Boateng -- 10 GCSEs (or equivalent) including 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 3 grade 7s
  • Rachel Hones --11 GCSEs (or equivalent) including 2 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s

Congratulations to all of our students and families and thank you so much to all our staff who have supported them over the years. 

“After persevering through a variety of disruptions, our students have worked incredibly hard to ensure they excelled in their Year 11 examinations. We wish all our students and families the best for the future and, after our excellent Sixth Form examination results last week, we look forward to welcoming back many students into our brilliant Sixth Form!” -Peter Gillett, Headteacher

Students wishing to apply to our Sixth Form who have not yet declared their interest can contact our Sixth Form team at admin+sixth@hertswoodacademy.org. Students from other schools can learn more and apply here.