Treasure Island

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The Hertswood Arts Summer Showcase, on Thursday 13th July from 7-9pm, will include a performance of the play 'Treasure Island' by students in Years 7, 8 & 9. Enjoy some pictures from the students' most recent rehearsal.

The group have been working with the Drama team on the production for around six months. Mr Zarrinarges, Teacher of Drama, has been extremely proud of the commitment, time and effort the students have invested. It has been a great opportunity for the participants to build on their growing confidence.

All are invited to attend our summer Arts Showcase. In addition to the live performance, this will include an exhibition of art, photography and design works, as well as a music concert, with refreshments available. There will be a collection on the door, so please bring any loose change or notes you may have. Doors at our Community Entrance will open at 6:45pm.