Cricket Leaders

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Earlier this year, a group of Year 7 and 8 students successfully completed a course in Cricket Leadership, and at the end of May they had an opportunity to use those skills. With a large group of students from local primary schools visiting Hertswood, the girls were tasked with teaching cricket fundamentals to Year 2 students, and with officiating full matches for Year 6 students.

All the girls were excellent role models. They demonstrated their leadership skills by organising the activities without any adult input, and by controlling their groups of students with enthusiasm and maturity. It was a very successful event that our cricket leaders should be very proud of, and the primary teachers were incredibly impressed.

"Teaching the students was stressful but exciting. They all listened really well and got involved."
 -Lacey (Year 7)

"The Year 6 students had great cricket skills. It was fun to teach them, but also frustrating at times! They really enjoyed playing full games."
 -Stella (Year 7)

The girls were congratulated by Headteacher, Mr Gillett, for their hard work and great school representation. He presented them all with Headteacher's Awards.

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