RoboCon 2023

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While our A Level students took part in their Student Robotics competition over the Easter break, some of our GCSE students took part in their own competition on 12th and 13th April.

The team spent three weeks in school building and programming their robot, with the help of a kit from the RoboCon organisers. It was designed to herd "sheep" (cubes) into a central pen, as well as to steal sheep from other schools' areas.

"The competition was a really fun experience, though we were blown away by the quality of the competitor robots. I really enjoyed working as a group to fix all of the problems that came up on the day, to actually have our robot ready to go in time for the knockouts. A lot of our matches didn't turn out how we were expecting, but we still managed to make it quite far!" -Eren (Year 10)