Microscopes & Dissection

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Warning -- some of the pictures below this article show the dissection of frogs by our biology students.

Our Sixth Form led Biology Club continues to offer some great activities for our eager young scientists, with their most recent lessons focusing on microscopes and on dissection of frogs.

While learning how to use a microscope effectively, students examined samples of yoghurt, yeast and pond water, to see them in a way they never had before, and recorded what they saw.

In their lesson on dissection, students learned the process to safely dissect a frog using forceps and a scalpel. The enthusiastic students carefully cut through skin, muscle layers and bones, to examine the frogs' internal organs.

"I have been going to Biology Club since it started this year and I really enjoy it. My favourite activities have been looking into microscopes and dying flowers. One of the things that makes it so fun is the Sixth Form as they are really helpful and kind. I decided to join because I really enjoy Biology and experiments. Overall, I think that it's a fun and enjoyable club and I would definitely recommend it!" -Sienna, Year 7

"I joined the Biology Club because I want to become a doctor one day, but I learned so much more! We saw organisms and bacteria, and in our latest practice we dissected frogs. It helps us with our Biology lessons, and all the Sixth Form students help with our projects and help us stay safe and hygienic. I think the club is great both for learning and having fun." -Buthmi, Year 7