Global Experiments in Chemistry

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'Global Experiments' is an annual activity by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) where students across the world participate in experiments and share their results, to explore the power of data and collaboration on a large scale. The aim is to enhance their science learning, encourage practical investigation, and get them more engaged with Chemistry at a higher level.

This year the hands-on activities tackled battery technology -- a major topic in modern Chemistry with the growing need to move away from fossil fuels to help solve the climate crisis. Titled 'Take Charge: Global Battery Experiment', the investigation will see students explore the best designs for new batteries over the course of several weeks.

Ms Srikantha, Teacher of Chemistry, said that the Year 10 students, who all volunteered to take part, did very well. They demonstrated the importance of working well in pairs to make sure that the small elements of the batteries -- pieces of metal, aluminium foil, and varying solutions -- remained carefully arranged in layers as they recorded the potential difference of the current.

With batteries used in laptops, mobile phones, tools, toys, and even cars, the students' efforts mirror the large amount of work going on in the industry at the moment to develop new types of battery. In addition to performing well, a good battery needs to be low cost, small, lightweight, safe, and be made from materials that can be sourced sustainably and recycled.