Student Librarians

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A group of enthusiastic Year 7 and 8 students have taken on extra responsibilities this year as Student Librarians, earning the role either by applying directly, or by recommendation of a teacher.

In addition to lending a hand during library lessons, keeping everything in order and helping other students to select books, they have taken part in discussions on how to make the library a welcoming and calm environment for everyone.

The students are also part of our Library Council, which meets every six weeks to discuss literary ideas and events, such as Christmas and World Book Day. Most recently they have designed and created a display for Black History Month, celebrating black authors, both contemporary and from the past.

Miss Ogle, Teacher of English and Key Stage 3 Coordinator, has been very impressed with the dedication of our Student Librarians, and looks forward to their continued work alongside our Sixth Form to help Year 7 students with reading and comprehension during their library lessons.