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Sociology allows students to examine the world around them, see a problem and set out to study it. This is a fundamental skill that is required across all academic subjects.  In Sociology, students study some key social / cultural universals e.g. family and education. All social / cultural universals deserve careful study, because they teach us about how people build and maintain societies. In studying sociology, students investigate social facts, analyse and better understand the social world, as well as developing opinions and new ideas on social issues.

Key Stage 4

At Hertswood, GCSE Sociology helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of key social structures, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification.

Students will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, constructing reasoned arguments, making substantiated judgements and drawing reasoned conclusions.

Key Stage 5

At Hertswood, A Level Sociology builds upon the skill and knowledge acquired at GCSE. It provides students with the exciting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and reflect on social issues that are often relevant to their own social experiences.

They open up the possibility for fascinating discussions, for example ‘what impact do digital forms of communication have on social relations?’, ‘how do sociologists investigate inequality in society?’ and ‘what are the patterns and trends of religion in relation to social class?'





Year 10 GCSE

Topic 1: Sociology basics

Topic 2: Family

Topic 3: Research Methods

Topic 4: Education

Year 11 GCSE

Topic 5: Crime and deviance

Topic 6: Social stratification

Preparation for assessment

Year 12 A Level

Introducing Socialisation, culture and identity

Introduction to Social Theory

Topics in socialisation, culture and identity: Families and Relationships

Understanding social inequalities

Year 13 A Level

Researching social inequalities

Globalisation and the digital social world

Crime and Deviance


Preparation for assessment

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