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At Hertswood Academy we recognise that Art enriches those who study it and has the power to inspire, inform, stimulate and challenge providing a richness and complexity to learning.  We want all our students to leave Hertswood with a developed understanding of art in the world around them so we nurture critical thinking and visual literacy.  We are committed to ensuring all students reach their creative potential.

Key Stage 3

At KS3, students start to explore the formal elements of art and develop creative problem-solving skills and visual literacy. Students acquire and apply knowledge of a wide range of media, processes and techniques.

Key Stage 4

Students choosing to study art at GCSE are encouraged to experiment, persevere and create while demonstrating an ability to explore and develop themes and evaluate ideas. Incorporating art history and contemporary art into the curriculum exposes students to global awareness and viewpoints other than their own as well as building a wealth of artist knowledge which extends right through their school career and beyond.

Key Stage 5

At A-Level our curriculum is designed to build skills and foster independence through differentiated and self-directed work. Students develop a lifelong aptitude to independently explore, create and present ideas. We encourage students to experiment, persevere and respond with personal outcomes.





Year 7

The Formal Elements

African Art

Still Life

Year 8

Pop Art



Year 9

Natural Forms

Mixed Media, Tonal Drawing

Natural Forms

Karl Blossfeldt, William Morris

Natural Forms

Year 10 GCSE

Natural Forms

Developing Ideas and Final Outcome 1

Land, Sea and Sky Project

Albrecht Durer, Whipsnade Zoo Trip, Tonal Drawing

Land, Sea and Sky Project

Artist Link, Developing Ideas

Year 11 GCSE

Land, Sea and Sky Project

Canvas development and final outcome 2

Externally Set Assignment

Independent project  

Externally Set Assignment

Final outcome 3

Year 12 A Level

Building Foundations

Large scale mixed media, oil painting, life drawing, primary source imagery and art history

Surfaces Project

Surfaces Project

Final outcome 1

Year 13 A Level

Surfaces Project

Final outcome 2

Externally Set Assignment

Externally Set Assignment

Final outcome 3

Extra-Curricular Enrichment

GCSE and A Level students are encouraged to access extra curriculum opportunities that run after school and learning through experience with trips to Whipsnade Zoo (Y10) and London Art Galleries (Y12 and Y13).

Independent Learning Resources

  • The Knowledge
  • Quizlet

Useful Links

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