• "Governors are determined to help improve the school." -OFSTED 2019

How do we continue to develop our staff at Hertswood Academy?

Hertswood Academy is a learning community and the leadership team are keen to encourage that learning does not only take place in our students but also across all ages and experience within our staff.

As a newly-qualified teacher our training programme is second to none and has been used as an exemplar model within county. Newly-qualified teachers are given a training package that involves day and after school inset on a weekly basis. All newly-qualified teachers are assigned a mentor for the year to work with them and to provide daily advice and guidance. There is also a comprehensive induction programme tailored to individuals' needs and requirements. Our induction programme begins in July giving newly-qualified teachers a fantastic training package before they have even begun.

Beginning teachers are a regular feature at Hertswood and faculties are actively encouraged to work with PGCE students. We find the discussion about teaching and learning that takes place with trainees invaluable. Many of our beginning teachers are now working with us as newly-qualified teachers and/or second or third year teachers. We work with a number of universities now and the feedback from the students' experiences is always excellent.

Experienced members of staff also benefit from our excellent induction package. In the first term staff are invited to attend training sessions to help them to settle into new school life. For teachers with responsibilities, such as Heads of Faculties, Heads of Learning and Deputy Members of the faculty, a comprehensive two-day tailor-made training programme takes place every year.

Hertswood Academy is keen to promote learning through Masters and PhDs. We have supported numerous staff to complete these courses and actively encourage research for dissertations and thesis to be based around a live topic within the school. In doing this we have gained invaluable knowledge on how to raise boys' attainment, work with gifted and talented students and develop cross-curricular links.

Our support staff are also encouraged to continue their learning with us, and many have taken further education and training courses. We continue to hold the award for Investors in People. We have been awarded the CPD Mark for Excellence in training and development of our staff. Jeannette Stanley remarked "This school is a shining example of CPD."

Whatever your involvement in Hertswood Academy you will find us keen to continue our learning, and warm and encouraging in our commitment to continue your professional development. For further information on staff development please contact Tora Hodge on 0208 238 7253.

What's it like to be a member of staff at Hertswood?

Whether a visitor, or a member of Hertswood Academy staff, everyone always comments on the friendly atmosphere and open and warm staff community at Hertswood Academy. Listed below are examples of the comments that have been made by our staff during their exit interviews:

"The staff are excellent, they are committed and hard working."

"The staff are fabulous they are always supportive and you can always have a laugh. They pull together really well"

"Hertswood's strengths are the energy, focus, vision and ability to see the best in every child."