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Year 9 into 10 Choices Information

The deadline to submit your choices will be Friday 11th June.


Year 9 into 10 Choices Form


Year 9 into 10 Choices Evening -- Tuesday 25th May 2021

We will hold an online Choices Evening on Tuesday 25th May from 5-7pm. If you would like to make an appointment with teachers of any of the subjects below to learn more, please visit hertswood.schoolcloud.co.uk. This is the same system we use for Parents Evenings.

You can learn more about the booking system on our Student Hub by clicking here. If you have any issues making appointments, please contact our helpdesk at parents@hertswoodacademy.org.

We would suggest you use the 'Manual' option to be able to select only appointments for subjects your child is interested in.


Subject Presentation Videos and Details Documents

ART & DESIGN (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video), Details Document (PDF)

BUSINESS (BTEC) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

BUSINESS (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

CITIZENSHIP (GCSE) - Details Document (PDF)


DANCE (GCSE & BTEC) Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY (GCSE) Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

DIGITAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (BTEC) - Subject Presentation (Video), Details Document (PDF)

DRAMA (GCSE) Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)


FOOD PREPARATION AND NUTRITION (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

FRENCH (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

GEOGRAPHY (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

HISTORY (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE (BTEC) - Subject Presentation (Video), Details Document (PDF)

MATHEMATICS (GCSE) - Details Document (PDF)

MUSIC (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION & ETHICS (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

PHOTOGRAPHY (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)


PSYCHOLOGY (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

SOCIOLOGY (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

SPANISH (GCSE) - Subject Presentation (Video)Details Document (PDF)

SPORT (BTEC) - Subject Presentation (Video), Details Document (PDF)

TRIPLE SCIENCE (GCSE) - Details Document (PDF)


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