• "Pupils have positive attitudes to learning." -OFSTED 2019

Teaching and Learning is our core function. 

Our singular focus is to ensure that our students enjoy their learning and make the best possible progress. We have high expectations of all our students and motivate them to have high aspirations which drive a desire to achieve more than they thought possible. 

Hertswood Academy promotes an active and inclusive culture of learning so that our students are inspired and fully involved in developing their skills, knowledge and understanding across all subject areas.

Teachers build positive relationships with their students based on a mutual and shared regard to enable a respectful and purposeful learning environment. We plan lessons which support and challenge our students and Hertswood Academy has clear and consistent routines for learning built on a shared understanding of quality.

Our students receive regular guidance from their subject teachers and form tutors about their progress so that they know their current attainment and what they need to do to improve. A strong emphasis on students' literacy and numeracy skills is present throughout our curriculum and our students quickly develop their skills as independent learners so that they are able to manage their own learning effectively.

You are most welcome to contact the Academy to arrange a visit if you would like to see us in action!