This is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which encompasses creativity, imagination and science.  The subject aims to provide students with foundational skills and a secure understanding of food preparation and nutrition. It contributes to the life skills needed to understand and make informed decisions in relation to food choices and a healthy lifestyle. 

It provides basic practical skills and an awareness of health and safety so students learn to take care of themselves and others. They learn about cultural, religious and environmental issues relating to food in order that they have a better understanding of the world around them.


Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 students prepare and cook a variety of healthy dishes from different cultures. They are taught knife skills and health and safety in the kitchen, learn about healthy eating and the Eatwell Plate, experiment through taste testing and evaluation, to develop their understanding and communication skills. Students investigate ingredients and their functions, seasonality, provenance and environmental impacts from production through to disposal. 

They learn the invaluable skill of reading and understanding food labeling to become better equipped to make the right choices for their health and future well being, both for themselves and their families.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, students study a GCSE in Food Preparation & Nutrition which includes six topics; food science, food preparation and skills, food nutrition and health, food provenance, food choice and food safety. Students are encouraged to express, experiment and evaluate their love of food. They are required to be creative and use their knowledge of science to investigate and evaluate the function and ingredients of food.   Along-side this, students gain skills for life to enable them to communicate, analyse, problem solve and evaluate effectively, as well as having the key knowledge for a healthy lifestyle.


Year Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7
Health and Safety
Kitchen equipment
Food Preparation
Knife skills
Eatwell Plate
Carbohydrates and energy
Starchy foods
Food Science
Food choice
Calculating nutrients
Target groups
Year 8
Presentation of food
Handling filo pastry
Using Electrical equipment
Batch production
8 tips for healthy eating
Food and drink choice
Key nutrients
Iterative process of planning and making
Food skills and techniques
Eatwell Plate
Food Science
Food Provenance
Year 9
Knife skills
Pastry- shortcrust
Target groups
Sensory analysis
Types of pastry
Seasonal foods
International Cuisine
British cuisine
Dietary requirements
Special Dietary Needs
Thickening agents
Forming and Shaping
Cooking Methods
Year 10 GCSE
Nutritional Needs and Health Risks
Health conditions
Food science
Functional and chemical properties of food

Mock NEA

Year 11 GCSE




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