World-Class Ambitions

Our ambition is to provide a world-class educational environment for our community. We have the highest aspirations for all students and will ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes through outstanding teaching, an engaging curriculum and quality care and support.

Ready To Succeed : Aspiration - Courtesy - Integrity - Resilience - Respect

Our students will develop resilience, will be aspirational for their own futures and be ready for the many challenges they will face in modern society. We have a clear expectation for our students to behave well, show respect and courtesy whilst acting with integrity, so that they grow as confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful independent learners. Well-equipped for higher education and employment, our students will develop leadership skills and be ambitious for their future career goals.

Accomplish Through Effort

As a fully inclusive academy within our community, we are committed to the principle of a ‘growth mindset’ in that, no matter where one starts from, great accomplishments are possible through dedication and effort. We believe that all barriers can be overcome through our determination to succeed and the learning strategies we employ.

Achievement For All

We respect and value all members of our community, ensuring a safe, happy and secure learning environment to foster high self-esteem for all. As lifelong learners, Hertswood Academy staff are role models for our students, continually developing their own practice and inspiring the community to aim high and achieve excellence.