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Dear parents,

Hi all, I wanted to take the time to offer some support and guidance for parents of SEND children who may be finding the changes caused by the virus outbreak challenging. We know that changes to well established routines can be difficult particularly when the changes are surrounded by fear and uncertainty. I’ve put together some tips and resources from the SEND team:

  • Routines are so important. Although the routines have changed, implementing a routine that is as similar as possible will benefit the child. For example, breakfast at the same time each day, ‘break time’ scheduled, getting up and dressed to start the day by 9am.
  • Don’t panic or overthink the home school learning. If the work is too tricky for your child and causing upset, move on to something else. I have put together some confidence building alternatives they could do with you or independently.
  • Supporting our most vulnerable children to navigate this possibly stressful time with your presence and reassurance is just as vital to their home learning and may take priority.
  • Celebrating during adversity. Try to finish each day discussing the positives of the day no matter how small. Using the proud of me sheet. Found in the ASD and SEMH file.
  • Finally if there are any areas that are too challenging, please either contact the school or email me at SEND@hertswoodacademy.org and I will forward to the relevant people to get you some support or alternative work.

Services Across Hertfordshire

To find out where to access further help and support please visit the local offer for Hertfordshire at https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/microsites/Local-Offer/The-Hertfordshire-Local-Offer.aspx

Regular updates for parents of SEND students regarding the coronavirus: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/microsites/local-offer/coronavirus-updates.aspx

To support children with communication and autism needs and their families during this unsettled period, the Specialist Advisory Teachers will be extending the hours of their telephone advice line until the schools reopen. It will be open daily between 10am and 2pm (term time) to provide advice and guidance for parents and carers. If you wish to speak to a Specialist Advisory Teacher please call 01442 453920 during these times.

Please also see the ‘Where to get support’ folder in the resources link above, for up to date information on services to access.


Alternative Learning Ideas


Work can be fun and creative! For example, why not watch an episode of your favourite cartoon or your favourite film then create a storyboard of the plot? You could just draw the images, or add the writing. To make it really impressive why not add stage direction or camera angles? Take a picture and send it to SEND@hertswoodacademy.org and I will reward you for your efforts! The best cartoon has to be The Simpsons! All the episodes are available for free from channel 4 while we are shut. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-simpsons

Audio Books

You don’t have to be the best reader to enjoy a good book! Why not choose a free audiobook from audible to listen to? https://stories.audible.com/discovery You could write down any new words you learn and find out their meanings? Or draw what you picture while you listen?

Exercise and Life Skills

Sign up to Premier-education for a range of ideas of short activities you can do at home. The link below is for life skills including finding countries, designing sportswear and talking about what is important to you with the people at home. https://www.premier-education.com/lifeskills/

Feel Like Games Help You Learn?

Why not create a key terms word search that you can play online or print? You could send it to a friend to try too? https://thewordsearch.com/maker/

Diary For Your Thoughts

These are strange times, why not write about your thoughts and feelings at this time that you can look back on? Could you challenge yourself to write a story based on your diary entry?



See you all soon, Take care.

Mrs Lewis (SENCO and head of Inclusion)


Please note that if your child is absent from school due to a COVID related issue and they are normally in receipt of Free School Meals, please contact the Finance Office (finance@hertswoodacademy.org, 020 8238 7216) if you experience difficulties with food costs