Weather Warning Procedures

With temperatures set to drop, this would seem to be a good time to remind you of our procedures should we experience severe weather conditions.

The Academy will consider official advice and a decision whether to close or remain open will be taken, based on whether we are able to staff the school. A great many of our staff have to travel some distance to school.

In the event that we are unable to open the Academy we will alert you via text message or MyEd. This information can also be found at:

  • Our website
  • A message on the school's answerphone: 020 8238 7200
  • Broadcast on local radio: BBC3 Counties Radio (103.8FM), Chiltern Radio (97.6FM)
  • Herts Direct website UK

We will also keep you updated via text messages or MyEd. It is important, therefore, that the Academy has your mobile number and your email address for email alerts.

Unless you hear to the contrary, parents should expect the Academy to be open. Information on re-opening will be communicated in the same way.