Timetable for Sept 2018

Dear Parent/Carer,

Many thanks to all those parents who responded to the timetable consultation. We have reviewed all the responses and responded to them in the FAQ below.

The timetable will be implemented as proposed from 1 September 2018 in preparation for moving into the new building during the 2018-19 academic year. We are confident that these changes will contribute to a more efficient and effective school day and to the learning and progress of all our students.

I hope the following answers all your questions.


Your sincerely

James Wood

Deputy Headteacher


Hertswood Academy New Timetable - May 2018 - Frequently Asked Questions


When are these changes planned to take effect?

The new timetable will take effect from 1 September 2018 which will mean that the timetable is already in place when we move into the new building.

I am not able to collect my children from school at 3 o’clock and I do not want them to walk home alone. Will there be places for students to stay in school at this time?

The enhanced curriculum includes optional sessions from 3 o’clock until 4 o’clock. This includes after school clubs, study zone and additional study periods. Students can either join a club, work independently or sit in the canteen which serves students until 5pm. Supervision is provided in the study zone until 6pm for students to complete homework and revision.

There is no movement time between lessons. Will students be marked as late because they cannot move in time?

Students will continue to move between lessons as they currently do. Teachers will mark students as late if they arrive significantly later than the rest of the class without a valid reason. In the new building travel time between classrooms will be approximately 1 minute and therefore 5 minutes movement time will be unnecessary. Most schools do not have movement times.

Will students have time to go to the toilet between lessons?

Students have opportunities to go to the toilet during break and lunch and can ask permission to go to the toilet during lessons if they really need to. Students with particular medical concerns are given a toilet pass which permits them to go to the toilet at any time.

Will these changes be reviewed?

Once these changes are in place they will be reviewed after the first year.

Will the lunch break be long enough for all students to buy and eat lunch?

There are three places where students can buy food at break and lunch time. Consequently students currently finish lunch well within the time allowed in our current lunch break. The shorter lunch break will work in the same way and students will still have sufficient time to buy and eat food.

Will students be able to wait in school for buses?

Students waiting for buses will be able to wait on the school site until the buses are due. Supervision is available in the study zone until 6pm.

Will the later lunch time mean that students are hungry during period 4?

Students will have the opportunity to eat in the canteen before school and at break. The time of lunch means students only have 1 hour after lunch when many students find it harder to concentrate in lessons.

Will the shorter lunch break mean that students have less time to relax, socialise and join clubs?

The shorter lunch break enables us to finish 30 minutes earlier which leaves more time for enrichment activities after school. This is especially beneficial for sports clubs in winter as it will still be light. Students can also make use of the canteen or the study zone at this time.

Do these change mean less teaching time?

Teaching time will remain the same as at present. Time will be saved by the removal of movement breaks and changing the times of break and lunch time. Movement time has already been significantly reduced since our previous split site arrangement and will be reduced further by the move to the new building.


The School Day - From September 2018
Registration 8.45 to 9.05 am
Session 1 9.05 to 10.05 am
Session 2 10.05 to 11.05 am
Morning break 11.05 to 11.25 am
Session 3 11.25 to 12.25 pm
Session 4 12.25 to 1.25 pm
Lunch break 1.25 to 2.00 pm
Session 5 2.00 to 3.00 pm
Enhanced Curriculum from 3.00 pm