Student Council

Our newly formed student council is already making a big impact with their inaugural meeting held in December 2015 and their most recent meeting in January this year. Led by the Sixth Form Leadership Team, our student council are fantastic role models and represent our academy through the house system. Our Head Boy, Bradley and Head Girl, Mollie chair the meetings in the Ark Theatre ably supported by our House Captains and Deputy House Captains. Two elected councillors from each house (Cavendish, Darwin, Nuffield and Somerville) in each year group take turns to attend, to contribute to the meetings and represent the views of our students. This helps us get better and better at what we do.

The Hertswood Academy student council met for the first time on the 7th December in The Ark Theatre, working through a broad agenda including assessment weeks, twilight study sessions and cross-curricular days. The councillors were keen to express their ideas and opinions on the wide range of topics discussed, and the Sixth Form leaders were very impressed with the contributions made by their younger colleagues, as well as their maturity and professionalism.

The academy listened to the feedback and were impressed by students’ desire to be challenged in class and their viewpoint on the current assessment system. At the second meeting, held last Tuesday, 26th January, Miss Nethercott (Senior Teacher) began by providing feedback to the councillors, and outlining the specific action points which had been agreed upon.

The council's views on assessment weeks have already been taken into account, including the lead up to assessment weeks allowing two full weeks of revision, using 'The Knowledge' booklets. The feeding back of assessment marks will also be made clearer, based on feedback from councillors.

Last week's meeting also covered new topics, including uniform, the Vivo reward system, and the upcoming Sports Relief day on 18th March.

It's a big responsibility to be on the council and to represent my year. I think having a student council is a really good idea because we can make sure things are always improving.
Archie, Year 7 Councillor for Darwin

It is great working with the older students. In the first meeting you could see how responsible they were and how much they wanted to hear our opinions.
Justus, Year 7 Councillor for Nuffield