On the 11th and 12th September 2019, OFSTED visited our academy and we are pleased to announce that Hertswood has been upgraded from the previous inspection verdict in September 2017. Particular highlights of the report include:








'School leaders and staff have what one parent called ‘great belief’ in their pupils’ abilities to do great things in school and their adult lives. Many pupils told inspectors that staff encourage pupils to aim for extraordinary goals in life. As a result, many pupils take impressive next steps in their education and careers.'

'Pupils told inspectors that they enjoy going to the school and appreciate the remarkable new buildings.'

'Sixth-form students told inspectors that they chose Hertswood because staff and pupils care for each other well. Many parents reported to inspectors that staff ‘go the extra mile’ for pupils to ensure that they are happy and safe.'

'Many pupils do well at the end of Year 11. This is because teachers focus on helping pupils succeed in the Year 11 examinations.'



Our main targets for improvement are:

  • Ensuring that new learning in Key Stage 3 builds on previous learning
  • Ensuring that teaching in Key Stage 3 is ambitious for all pupils
  • Ensuring that teaching meets the needs of all students with SEND


Now we are in our new buildings, we are confident that we will be able to quickly address these improvement areas in time and move our academy to the next level. We would like to thank our parents and students for their support during the inspection process and we look forward to continuing to improve our provision for the whole community. The full report is available for download through the link below.