New Buildings Letter

July 2019

Dear Parent / Carer,

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our new buildings in September 2019.

The new facilities your family will enjoy include a 270 seat theatre and full size stage, Sports Centre, Activity Studio, 2 squash courts, a double height atrium and restaurant, Library, private courtyard, state of the art ICT facilities including 75” interactive screens in classrooms and digital signage. Brand new Visual and Performance Arts facilities, combined with the excellent indoor and outdoor sports offer, will complement the modern classrooms across the Academy, which are all supported by a new, superfast Wi-Fi network. The enhanced ICT offer, including hundreds more computers, will enable us to provide safe online access for all students in the Academy.

Connected with this, to ensure your child’s online safety in Academy hours and to avoid any possible disruption, mobile phones are no longer allowed in the Academy. If it is necessary, for travel reasons, for your child to carry a mobile phone, this must be left safely with staff on entry and collected on exit.

For safety and security reasons, your new Academy also has full CCTV coverage both inside and outside. This CCTV will also help us maintain the quality of the building so that there is no malicious damage to our facilities either in Academy hours or during lettings in the evenings, weekends or holidays. You will be pleased to know that our Governing Body will act swiftly in countering any malicious damage to your brand new Academy. Damage found to have been caused by students will result in parents/carers being charged for the full cost of repair and/or replacement and sanctions up to (and including) permanent exclusion will also be levied against those found to be responsible. Damage found to have been caused by external users will be treated equally seriously including the instigation of legal action, where appropriate, which could result in prosecution and significant fines of up to £5000 levied or a custodial sentence.

As a reminder, the start date for each year group to allow successful induction into our new facilities is as follows:

  • Year 7 and Year 12 - Wednesday 4th September (Year 7 will finish early at 1pm)
  • Year 8 and Year 11 - Thursday 5th September
  • Year 9 and Year 10 - Friday 6th September
  • Year 13 - Monday 9th September (some Year 13 students will attend during the previous week for examinations if they are requested to do so)

All students should arrive on their first day by 8:30am.

Following our opening in September, Willmott Dixon will begin their work in demolishing the older buildings at the rear of the site. These works will continue during the Autumn Term and are planned to finish in early December. Coinciding with this, we will be planning a full opening celebration event before the Christmas break and we will be in touch with the details of this event during the autumn term.

We wish you and your family a restful summer break. Thank you for your continued support in delivering these fantastic facilities.

Yours faithfully

Peter Gillett - Headteacher

Martin Doe - Chair of Governors