Global Rock Dance Achievement

Each year the academy participates in the Global Rock dance competition, and last week the students’ hard work was rewarded with a fantastic 2nd place finish, the highest we’ve placed in the last ten years!

This year’s entry began with an idea from Rachael in Year 12, who came to me in September asking if she could take the lead. She gathered a team of Sixth Form students (Daisy, Jenna, Jess and Simran) and began rehearsals.

They visited dance lessons and selected students to invite to auditions, and once they had their cast they began teaching the choreography. The girls went on to create the set, the costumes, the soundtrack, and prepared the students for the competition, which, as always, had an extremely high standard.

Hertswood’s performance was phenomenal! Every single student, from the performers to the stage crew and lighting/video directors, did amazingly. The judges really understood the concept and were amazed by the drama skills and creativity, earning us an array of twelve awards for excellence!

I have never felt pride quite like it. The students were in tears of joy — overwhelmed, humble, and ecstatic with the result. Global Rock is a huge event, and succeeding as well as they did requires a lot of time, patience, creativity, talent and commitment, and I’m so glad their awards reflect that.

by Mrs Jamieson (Teacher of Dance)