Best Ever Results



"We are delighted to announce our best ever GCSE results for the fourth consecutive year with results well exceeding national standards. With both GCSE English and GCSE mathematics grades rising to 75% A*- C and above for the first time we also achieved our highest ever value added score and progress 8 measure.



"Congratulations to our students and staff for their incredible hard work and dedication in achieving these results and many thanks to our parents for their outstanding support."

Peter Gillett, Headteacher


  • Highest ever 5 A*-C incl. maths and English - 63%
  • Highest ever maths results - 76%
  • Highest ever English results - 75%
  • Highest levels of progress in maths (82%) and English (85%)
  • Highest ever value added score - 1016.7
  • Top 5 students achieved 34 A* grades and 17 A grades between them
  • Progress 8 0.2
  • Attainment 8 – grade 5


Top 5 highest achieving students:

  • Jasmine Doe - 8 A*, 3 A
  • Katelyn Barnes - 7 A*, 4 A
  • Nikolay Stanchev - 7 A*, 4 A
  • Christie Newton - 6 A*, 3 A
  • Katie Rimmell - 6 A*, 3 A


I am so very grateful for the support and encouragement I was able to receive over my time at Hertswood Academy. Thank you to everyone, I couldn't be happier with my results!
Christie Newton, Year 11



I was stunned at the sight of my grades. All of the teachers have pushed me through this amazing journey and have enabled me to receive the grades I wished for. Thank you!
Jerome Badu, Year 11



I feel so shocked, but I also feel relieved to have finally finished. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me achieve these results, especially my friends, family and teachers who have been so supportive.
Katelyn Barnes, Year 11










We are delighted to announce our best ever Sixth Form results in 2016.

Congratulations to all our students and staff for their exceptional hard work in making this happen and as always, a huge thank you for the outstanding support from our parents.

  • Highest ever overall average point score
  • 86% A*-C (highest ever)
  • 43% A*-A (highest ever)
  • Greatest number of A* grades ever
  • Highest ever number of students continuing to university
  • Oxbridge entry success!


  • Mollie Georgiou A*A*A*A* - Cambridge University - Psychology
  • Antony Kimpton A*A*A - Kings College - Computer Science
  • Hannah Whitney A*A*A A - University of Bath - Psychology
  • Miranda Willis A A A B - UCL - Human Sciences and Evolution
  • Marius Dragomir A*A*A B - LSE - Mathematics with Economics