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Compulsory Uniform and PE items available from Stevensons

Burgundy with Hertswood Academy Logo

Boys' prices range from £29.50 to £48.00 dependent on sizes

Girls' prices range from £29.50 to £39.50 dependent on sizes


Boys' 25-28 waist (£17.50), 29-30 waist (£19.50), 31-42 waist (£21.00)

Girls' 22-26 waist (£18.00), 28-38 waist (£22.00)


22-26 waist (£17.50), 28-40 waist (£22.00)


Hertswood Academy Black V neck

Prices range from £17.00 to £23.00 dependent on sizes

Hertswood Tie

Colour dependent on Year Group - £5.50

PE Kit

Games top with Hertswood Academy logo

Prices range from £23.00 to £26.00 dependent on sizes

Polo t-shirt with Hertswood Academy logo

Prices range from £15.25 to £18.30 dependent on sizes

At Hertswood, and at all times, we expect our students to be clean, tidy and well presented in full school uniform.

Our school outfitters are Stevensons, 131-135 Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3XS. Telephone: 01727 853262.

Stevensons are our recommended supplier. There may be alternative suppliers that provide identical items to this that are also acceptable.

We will endeavour to support any families with funding to ensure they are able to provide the correct uniform if required. Please contact Mrs Kemp (ckemp@hertswoodacademy.org) or your relevant Head of Learning for advice.

All items marked with an asterisk are compulsory and available from Stevensons.

Day Uniform
Outdoor Coats Dark colour, no denim; must cover the blazer
Trousers/skirt *Hertswood Academy trousers/skirts (available from Stevensons)
Trousers must be 'tailored' fit and not 'skinny' fit
Year 7 skirts must be plain black, pleated all of the way around, and knee length
Year 8-11 skirts must either be the pleated option above, or a knee length, non-stretch skirt
Shirt White
Tie *Year Group tie
Shoes Standard black school shoes - trainers and boots are not permitted
Socks/Tights Black or natural; no pattern
Jumper *Hertswood Academy V Neck jumper with trim
Blazer *Burgundy with Hertswood Academy logo
Hair No exaggerated hair styles; natural colours only
Jewellery One small stud is permitted in each ear lobe. Apart from a watch, no other jewellery is permitted. No facial or body piercing.
PE Kit
*Games top with Hertswood Academy logo
*Polo t-shirt with Hertswood Academy logo
Plain black shorts (Plain black tracksuit bottoms in winter)
Plain black socks
Football boots (boys only)


The PE faculty will provide full team kit for all students who represent the Academy in matches or competitions.

Stevensons carry stock in their St Albans shop where items can be purchased at any time of the year. Additionally, items can be ordered by telephone or online.

The Academy reserves the right at any time to determine what is unacceptable in terms of its uniform. Sweatshirts and hooded tops should not be worn. Students who arrive at school wearing trainers or inappropriate footwear will be issued with a pair of plain black plimsolls.

Students may be sent home to change into what is considered acceptable.