• "Bullying is rare and most pupils express confidence that bullying would be dealt with well." -OFSTED 2017
Pastoral Team
Our Pastoral Team
Head of Year 7 Helen Jenner admin+year7@hertswoodacademy.org
Assistant Head of Learning Sam Antrobus
Head of Year 8 Catriona Webb admin+year8@hertswoodacademy.org
Assistant Head of Learning Sarah Badcock
Head of Year 9 David O'Brien admin+year9@hertswoodacademy.org
Assistant Head of Learning Jodie Jamieson
Head of Year 10 Paul Wakelin admin+year10@hertswoodacademy.org
Assistant Head of Learning Georgina Smith
Head of Year 11 Paul Cooper admin+year11@hertswoodacademy.org
Assistant Head of Learning Wayne Theobald
Head of Sixth Form Carey McFerran admin+sixth@hertswoodacademy.org
SEN Co-ordinator Beatrice Fairclough-Adamson
Assistant SEN Co-ordinator Carrie Sorrell

Members of the Pastoral Team can be contacted on 0208 238 7200. Queries not related to a particular year group can be addressed to admin@hertswoodacademy.org. We endeavour to respond to all email queries within two working days.