• "The headteacher has a clear vision to raise academic standards that has been pursued relentlessly and successfully." -OFSTED 2017

Update - May Monitoring Inspection

On 16 May 2018 our academy had a visit from OFSTED for a monitoring inspection. On 1 June 2018 we received very positive feedback in the form of a letter from the inspector. Click here to view excerpts from his feedback, as well as a link to the full letter.

On 27th and 28th September 2017, OFSTED visited our academy. We have waited much longer than expected to receive their report and are incredibly proud of the many strengths and achievements they have highlighted.

"The headteacher has a clear vision to raise academic standards that has been pursued relentlessly and successfully. The school’s image in the community has been positively transformed. There is a productive working atmosphere in most lessons. The quality of teaching has risen dramatically."

Despite the positive nature of the majority of the report, OFSTED have decided to grade our academy 'inadequate' for overall effectiveness, stating the persistent absenteeism of a minority of students as the key factor in their decision. While OFSTED have described the behaviour of pupils in the school as usually impressive, attendance is considered under the category of behaviour. This means that behaviour can only be rated as 'inadequate' under the OFSTED framework. 

We are extremely disappointed with the overall judgement of the report since it punishes the academy and families who ensure good attendance because a minority of pupils have not attended well enough.

Outcomes = 'Good'

"Over the past five years, pupils' attainment and progress have risen dramatically."

"Pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, make particularly strong progress in mathematics."

Personal development and welfare = 'Good'

"Pupils are well cared for in school. They are increasingly confident and proud of their school."

"Pupils take pride in their work. They are smart in their uniforms."

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment = 'Good'

"In many lessons, pupils listen to their teachers with rapt attention and engage in individual, paired and group tasks with enthusiasm."

"Leaders have a well-developed system for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning."

The Sixth Form = 'Outstanding'

"The progress of students in the sixth form is excellent."

"Students flourish in an environment where they are well taught and supported, and motivated to gain places in highly regarded universities or apprenticeships."

We have already been working hard to address key improvement areas and as always, we need parents/carers help to ensure each child attends school every day. Thank you for your continued support in dramatically raising standards and progress so that our children have better than ever life chances.

Read the full letter to parents and carers from our Headteacher, Peter Gillett, and Chair of Governors, Martin Doe:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2017 OFSTED report, we've provided a list of questions and answers at the link below, including more information about persistent absenteeism and the steps we've already taken in response to the report. If you have any additional questions and would like to contact the academy, we've set up a dedicated email address at ofsted2017@hertswoodacademy.org.