Learning Ready

Thank you for participating in the Learning Ready Challenge 2019. The instructions below will show you how to begin with each of the challenges.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in September and hope that you are excited to be moving onto the next stage of your learning journey.


Sam Learning Marathon

Ensuring you have good study habits is the first step on the road to success and Sam Learning will help you to prepare for what you will face within the subjects that you will do in Year 7.

Please note that Sam Learning isn’t available for new students until August 1st.

  1. Go to www.samlearning.com.
  2. Find the login box in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the Centre ID of WD6HS
  4. Your username is your six-digit date of birth, plus your two initials. (For example, John Smith born 1st February 2007 would use 010207JS.)
  5. Your password is the same as your username.

Once you’re in, take a look through the different Key Stage 3 subjects. Try out some revision lessons, and maybe even some of the sets of test questions. Your Year 7 teachers can check how much time you’ve spent working over the summer!

Reading Passport

We expect you to have read at least four books over the holidays.

Complete your Reading Passport to show what you have read and how you have challenged yourself.

Join the Library at 96 Shenley Road (or your local library) to give you access to a wide range of books and resources to see you through the next 7 years.

Times Tables Podium

(You need Microsoft Excel to complete this exercise.)

Download the Times Tables Challenge here.

Make sure to click 'Enable Content' when you open it, so the clever parts of the challenge can work!

Crack Coding Challenge

To start with Code.org, click the link: http://studio.code.org/join/ZFMDYZ.

Fill in your details to create an account registered to Hertswood. This means your Year 7 teachers can see how far you get in the challenge.

Once you’re done, click the link to begin the Hour Of Code, which starts with learning how to control the movement of an Angry Bird. There are videos along the way to show you what to do.

If you finish the 20 Hour Of Code puzzles, try the Frozen puzzles, or any other activity from across the website.